business information

tagosaku Photograph of main store entrance

tagosaku  Head office

The site is about 1,000 tsubo. A large Japanese garden in front of you at the entrance.
There are rooms of various sizes, large and small, to surround the garden.
We offer rooms for 2 to 70 people.

Street address

15-3, Hanazono, Kumamoto Shi Nishi Ku, Kumamoto Ken, 860-0072, Japan





business hours

Noon: 12:00 To 14:30 ,Night: 17:30 To 21:00 Fixed holiday

service charge *

Day: 10% Night: 15%
※ We will separately charge room fee per person 200 yen


120 seat

Parking Lot

15 units

※ For those coming by car Currently, entering the address of the main store in the car navigation system will display the back road. If you enter the destination as "Honmyoji Post Office", it will be set as shown in the table, so the guidance is smooth.

Please come and see this signboard.

tagosaku Signboard of

People who come by train

About 11 minutes on foot from Kumamoto Station on Kagoshima Main Line, about 3 minutes on foot from Kumamoto City Electric Kami-Kumamoto Honmyoji entrance stop

Bus icon

If you come by bus

About 3 minutes on foot from Kumamoto city bus / Sanko bus Honmyoji Densen

Car icon

If you come by car

30 minutes by car from Kumamoto Inter


On the 1 floor of the well-established department store "Tsuruya" located in downtown Kumamoto City, tagosaku There is a Tsuruya store.
We offer a variety of delicious homemade dishes and lunches.
Popular dishes such as "Dango soup set" and "Dashi roll" are popular.
We also accept lunch orders at any time, so please feel free to use them.

Street address

Kumamoto City Tetori Honcho (Tsuruya department store basement)



business hours

Vegetable sales 10:00 to 19:00 
※ Within the business hours of Tsuruya department store

Sightseeing around

Kumamoto Castle

tagosaku Kumamoto Castle's tourist attraction "Kumamoto Castle" is located at 7,8 minutes by car from. Kumamoto Castle, counted as one of Japan's three famous castles, was built by Kiyasa Kato in 1606 (Keicho 11).
In the southwestern war of 1908, most of the buildings were lost, though they were able to withstand the attacks of the Zen forces. The castle tower newly restored in the Showa era is the symbol of Kumamoto City, dusting the grave of those days. Most of the stone walls and some of the moss remain as they were at that time. A large-scale restoration and restoration is currently underway as a 400 years old business.


tagosaku If you go up about 400 meters from the entrance, you will find the tourist attraction "Homyo-ji Temple" of Kumamoto. What Kiyomasa Kato opened in Osaka to receive his father's bodice was relocated and built in 1600 (Keicho 5) after becoming a Kumamoto castle lord. It is the Bodhi Temple of the Kato family, and the famous Nyuren sect in Kyushu. When you go up a stone stairway with hundreds of lanterns lined up, there is the main hall, and there is also a treasure house where you can see the remains of the Kiyomasa. Furthermore, if you go up the long stairs behind the main hall, there is a bronze statue of Kiyoshimasa Kato, and you can overlook the city of Kumamoto.