Lunch dishes

With friends and family
Kaiseki food that you can enjoy freely.

The restaurant has a high threshold. I do not know the price.
Many customers seem to think so.
tagosaku Lunch Kaiseki is the same material as night kaiseki food,
We offer from 5,000 yen.
There is also a regional Kaiseki where you can enjoy the local cuisine of Kumamoto.

Photograph of kaiseki food of lunch

Lunch Kaiseki

{0 Yen
(Service charge, tax, room charge separate)
※ Service charge 10%, room charge per person 200 yen
※ The menu is from 3 a month, and it is an example only. The contents of the dishes change depending on the season.


To the bud of the tree

Rape blossoms Boiled in the countryside   Liver pate

Good luck

Complete set of crab shellfish


Sesame dressing Sesame tofu tea squeeze gyoza

Middle plate

Tofu Nishiki Dengaku   (Red miso, wood sprout miso)


Salmon Miso Yukoyaki


Shrimp lotus root ten thousand   Umekushi-mochi Yamakasa


Hot fire squid water cloud


White rice


Miso soup


Three varieties


Caramel ice cream


tagosaku Famous item "tofu 楽"

Specially-made tofu baked with 2 kinds of miso sauce.
Tofu with unique sticky texture
Please enjoy the taste of specially made miso.