Night dishes

Seasonal dishes prepared by traditional techniques

tagosaku Believes that it is the basis of the heart of "one-in-one meeting" hospitality.
When the food meets the customer,
Cooks are breaking their heart to get the best satisfaction.
While the soup is warm, the living things are as fresh as possible, the best ingredients.
Please enjoy the "one-time-one meeting" of food to the fullest

Kumamoto restaurant tagosaku  Photograph of seasonal dishes

Seasonal Kaiseki

20,000 Yen
(Service charge, tax, room charge separate)
※ Service charge 15%, room charge per person 200 yen

※ It will be the guidance from the 10,000 yen.
※ The menu is from 3 a month, and it is an example only. The contents of the dishes change depending on the season.


To the sum of buds of oak tree To white sum   Young beef bowl  

Good luck

鯛 鮪 鮪 thin fish armored squid shellfish ashirai complete set


Sawa stew

Middle plate

Tofu Nishiki Dengaku   (Red miso, wood sprout miso)


Ise Shrimp Shelled Amami

Steamed fish

Sweet potato cherry steamed   Ginkgo

Strong man

Red beef fillet steak   Raw vegetables


Fugu stab


White rice


Miso soup


Three types


Assorted fruits

sweet taste

This warabi rice cake black honey

Local sake of Kumamoto

My cooking friend is sake.
tagosaku Then, we have a lot of local sake of Kumamoto.

Various shochu
Various sake
Kumamoto restaurant tagosaku  Exterior photo of the night
A long-established restaurant in Kumamoto City tagosaku  Photograph of soup